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Month: February 2020

Your Fault, Their Fault – Determining Liability in a Personal Injury Case

Feb 24, 2020
“Liability,” in the context of a personal injury claim, means whether the other party or the other party’s insurance company is going to accept responsibility for the incident that caused...

Social Media, Texting and Divorce are a Bad Mix

Feb 5, 2020
My general advice to clients in the midst of a divorce is to curtail social media use and texting as much as possible.  This is because social media posts and...

Harris Cook, LLP Adds Experienced Real Estate and Business Attorneys Larry L. Fowler, Jr. and Paul J. Johnson

Feb 3, 2020
Arlington, TX – Harris Cook, LLP is pleased to announce that Larry L. Fowler, Jr. and Paul J. Johnson have joined its full-service law firm. With continued growth at Harris...