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Author: Rachel Wright

The 7 Parts of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Oct 28, 2019
Have you or a loved one been hurt in an accident? Are you thinking about bringing a lawsuit? If you’ve never been involved in litigation before, the process can seem...

Why I Practice Personal Injury Law

Oct 22, 2019
There are several facets of law that an attorney may decide to pursue. Personal injury was the area that spoke to me from the beginning, and the one that I...

The Other Insurance Company Called. Now What?

Sep 5, 2019
It is important to realize that the other party’s insurance company is not concerned about your best interests. Whenever possible, it is better to not speak with them on your...

5 Tips if you get into an Auto Accident

Aug 28, 2019
Getting into an auto accident isn’t ever something that someone wishes would happen. There are some ways that can make an already challenging situation a little less stressful on you...