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The Other Insurance Company Called. Now What?

Sep 5, 2019
It is important to realize that the other party’s insurance company is not concerned about your best interests. Whenever possible, it is better to not speak with them on your...

5 Tips if you get into an Auto Accident

Aug 28, 2019
Getting into an auto accident isn’t ever something that someone wishes would happen. There are some ways that can make an already challenging situation a little less stressful on you...

What Is A Bystander Claim?

By: admin
Apr 10, 2019
If you have witnessed a loved one being severely hurt or killed due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to recover money damages for the shock, pain, and...

A Breach Of Contract In Texas

By: admin
Aug 24, 2017
A Breach Of Contract In Texas On behalf of Harris Cook LLP posted in Business Litigation on Thursday, August 7, 2014. Businesses and corporations, no matter how big or small, deal almost...

Which business formation is right for you?

By: admin
Aug 22, 2017
Which Business Formation Is Right For You? Starting a new business operation is an adventure filled with choices, starting from the very first moment when you have to decide which...

Back To School: How To Keep Teenage Drivers Safe

By: admin
Aug 21, 2017
Back To School: How To Keep Teenage Drivers Safe Schools across Tarrant and Denton counties will be starting back up next week and thousands of teenagers will begin commuting to...