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Harris Cook, LLP Hires New Attorney

By: Admin
Dec 2, 2019
Harris Cook, LLP is pleased to announce Attorney Marc Stach is joining its legal team. Attorney Marc Stach has joined the law firm of Harris Cook, LLP, announced David L....

The 7 Parts of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

By: Admin
Oct 28, 2019
Have you or a loved one been hurt in an accident? Are you thinking about bringing a lawsuit? If you’ve never been involved in litigation before, the process can seem...

Why I Practice Personal Injury Law

Oct 22, 2019
There are several facets of law that an attorney may decide to pursue. Personal injury was the area that spoke to me from the beginning, and the one that I...

Agreed or Contested- What to Expect When Filing for Divorce

Oct 8, 2019
Nobody ever got married expecting to later file for divorce. However, according to the American Psychological Association, US Census Bureau, approximately 50% of married couples in the United States will...

Your Business Has Been Sued… Now What?

Sep 23, 2019
When someone sues you or your business, knowing the steps to take and what to expect throughout the process is vital to ensuring everything moves along as smoothly as possible....

What Happens to Your Family if You Die Without a Will?

Sep 19, 2019
If you or a family member dies without a will, the court will need to step in to determine who are the legal heirs of the estate. The process involves...

Why Choose a Board-Certified Texas Family Law Attorney?

Sep 9, 2019
Of the more than 100,000 attorneys that are currently licensed to practice in Texas, only 7.3% are Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) in a specific...

The Other Insurance Company Called. Now What?

Sep 5, 2019
It is important to realize that the other party’s insurance company is not concerned about your best interests. Whenever possible, it is better to not speak with them on your...

5 Tips if you get into an Auto Accident

Aug 28, 2019
Getting into an auto accident isn’t ever something that someone wishes would happen. There are some ways that can make an already challenging situation a little less stressful on you...