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Category: Family Law

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Apr 28, 2021
Nobody goes into a marriage planning on getting a divorce. The divorce process is riddled with emotions and can be a trying process for everyone involved. However, the Family Law...

How to Avoid Holiday Child Custody Battles

Dec 16, 2020
In an ideal world, the holidays are a time of joy, celebration, and love. However, we know that is not always the case and chaos, at times, can take over....

Advice From a Divorce and Child Support Attorney – The Importance of Child Support During a Divorce.

By: admin
Sep 1, 2020
When your spouse files for divorce, it can change almost everything about your life. That’s why it’s important to work with a Divorce and Child Support Attorney who can help...

Social Media, Texting and Divorce are a Bad Mix

Feb 5, 2020
My general advice to clients in the midst of a divorce is to curtail social media use and texting as much as possible.  This is because social media posts and...