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Drug Crimes
A conviction for Drug Crimes, or another other criminal offense, will color your future bleak. The Harris Cook, LLP, drug crimes Attorney can help you with defense or appeals on criminal charges, including drug crimes. We have defended many people who were charged with or convicted on a variety of criminal charges related to drugs, sale of drugs, and possession. We have defended many drug crimes cases, in the courts of Texas for reduction of charges and expungements.

Harris Cook, LLP, Drug Crimes Attorney

Being charged with criminal offenses is a serious matter. Defense against Drug Crimes or other criminal activity is best left to an experienced Harris Cook, LLP, drug crimes Attorney. You face high fines, jail time and having a criminal record that will follow you around forever, causing many problems when you try to find work, housing or travel.

We have in-depth knowledge of Texas drug laws, criminal penalties and options that may apply to your case. With our help, you may be able to get a second chance or reduce the severity of those penalties. Your freedom, your reputation, your rights and your future are at stake, so there is no time to work with anyone who is less qualified than our Criminal Defense Attorney.

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

We know the Texas court system and have an excellent record of handling cases for our clients in local, state and federal courts. We also treat our clients with respect and dignity, no matter how old they are, their income level or background. We believe everyone deserves quality defense in criminal matters. We work diligently on behalf of our clients, always with the end goal of achieving the best possible outcome.

Drug Crimes range from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. Penalties for a conviction increase according to crime severity and with repeat offenses. Fines can be hefty, up to ten thousand dollars, and jail or prison time may also be levied against those found guilty. For the most serious crimes, the penalty could be a lifetime in jail, or the death penalty in capital felony cases.

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