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Alcohol-Related Charges And Strategic Representation
In Texas, public intoxication is usually a Class A ticket. To convict you of this offense, the state must prove that you are a danger to yourself and others, but many responsible people have found themselves with a public intoxication conviction on their permanent records, including:

  • Passengers in vehicles in which a driver was arrested for drunk driving
  • Students participating in parties at a university or college
  • Adults attending sports events, music concerts and festivals
  • Hardworking people with a good job who have never been in trouble before

In some cases involving younger clients or first-time offenders, it may be possible for a case to be dismissed, adjudicated or eligible for deferred prosecution, which may involve community service or other positive options. We can let you know if one of these options may be available to you or one of your family members.

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Every public intoxication case is different and should be evaluated as a unique matter. If you or a loved one has been charged with an alcohol-related offense, get legal advice from a qualified criminal defense attorney. Do not talk to law enforcement about your case until you have obtained legal advice.

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