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If you are accused of a crime of Theft in Texas, you need strong legal support to fight for you. A conviction for even a misdemeanor will stay with you and affect your future; a felony conviction can land you in jail for a long time, in addition to the heavy fines that will leviedupon you for stealing.A Texas Theft crime is defined in the Texas Penal Code, Title 7, Chapter 31, Sec. 31.03, as an offense that occurs when someone “unlawfully appropriates property with intent to deprive the owner of property”. Other circumstances are involved, including whether or not the accused takes property without an owner’s consent, or they accept stolen property knowing it was stolen by another person.

Harris Cook, LLP, Theft Attorney

We help people who are accused of Theft in Texas, and others who need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to handle their cases. Our Harris Cook, LLP, Theft Attorney understands the lengthy and confusing Penal Code regulations that apply to theft crimes. You may be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony offense, depending on the value of items stolen, how you obtained the alleged stolen items, your prior offense records, what item was stolen (including livestock), who you stole from and the circumstances that led to the offense.

There are many other considerations that only an experienced Theft Attorney will be able to help you with; this is not the time to even think about self-defending. Some possible defenses include lack of intent, mistaken facts, your age and possible duress in the situation.

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

Being convicted of a Theft crime in Texas is a serious matter, with long-lasting effects. Not only will you be fined, you may wind up in jail for many long years. There is a wide range of potential consequences to face, so it is important that you get our Texas Criminal Defense Attorney working on your behalf immediately.

There are some cases where we can get charges reduced or eliminated. We understand what defenses there are against these charges, and how to present that evidence in court to the judge in the best possible effort while representing you. Financial penalties range up to $10,000; jail sentences range up to 99 years for a felony, first degree. Again, penalties all depend on the individual case details and circumstances of the offense.

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