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When you have suffered financial loss due to false statements someone has made or information they possessed but failed to convey to you, you may have a claim for fraud or negligent misrepresentation. People bringing claims for fraud may not only be entitled to their economic damages but could recover punitive damages depending upon the circumstances. Real estate fraud may also allow you to recover your attorney fees.

Whether you have been the victim of fraud/misrepresentation or need an attorney to defend you against these claims, you can trust the knowledge and experience of the attorneys at Harris Cook to work on your behalf.


The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) was enacted in 1973 and serves to protect consumers against false or misleading business practices. The DTPA serves as a remedy to consumers who have victimized by a business’ unlawful business practices, allowing consumers to recover monetary damages and in some cases attorney fees and additional damages called “treble damages.” The DTPA also incorporates other causes of action such as breach of warranty claims and “tie in statutes” such as the Texas Lemon Law and Texas Debt Collection Act, among others.

Our attorneys have represented a multitude of clients in prosecuting and defending DTPA claims, and can help you evaluate the facts of your case to maximize a fair result based on your individual circumstances.

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