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People We Have Helped

Harris Cook,LLP is committed to fighting for every cent you deserve. Below are clients who chose Harris Cook, LLP to handle their personal injury cases. We appreciate the trust placed in us and for allowing Harris Cook, LLP to be in their corner.

Amanda’s Story: Meet Amanda, a successful hair stylist and mother of two.  Amanda’s life was changed in January 2018 when a drunk driver ran a red light and smashed into her car, injuring Amanda’s neck, shoulder, arm, and back. Today, with the help of Harris Cook, LLP, Amanda received a five-figure settlement for her injuries.  Thank you Amanda for letting us fight for you!

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Javier’s Story: This is Javier.  He is happy and smiling today, but in June 2016 Javier suffered serious injuries to his left shoulder, left wrist, head and neck when his car was slammed into by a driver running a red light. Today, nearly three years and a lawsuit later, with the help of Harris Cook, LLP, Javier received a settlement check for his injuries. He says he is looking forward to using his money to help take care of his mother, who has been suffering health issues. Thank you Javier for letting us fight for you!

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