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Attractive Alternatives To Divorce Litigation
There are different ways to go about ending a marriage. One of them is by fighting in court. But since divorce litigation can be emotionally and financially draining — and potentially very damaging to the children of the marriage — it is important to explore other options when it’s realistic. For some divorcing couples, collaborative law provides a better way than litigation. An approach often categorized under alternative dispute resolution (ADR), collaborative divorce focuses on common ground, favors dignified proceedings and works for the preservation of family ties and financial assets.
Privacy, Power And Better Outcomes

Harris Cook, LLP, provides collaborative law services to clients wishing for a more peaceful, less damaging approach to divorce. It provides several outstanding benefits:

  • Privacy: With collaborative law, your divorce case is not a public matter that is described in public court records.
  • Empowerment: Collaborative law allows the stakeholders to have more decision-making power regarding their own lives and families.
  • Long-term success: Collaborative divorce aims to provide the best possible long-term outcomes for everyone involved — not quick wins at someone else’s expense.


Putting Yourself In The Driver’s Seat

“In a traditional litigated divorce, the process is too often a zero sum game, where one party views the spouse’s loss as his or her gain,” said David L. Cook, who manages the family law practice area for Harris Cook, LLP. (Cook is also a member of the Collaborative Lawyers of Arlington and Mansfield, C.A.L.M). “But the traditional litigation approach takes a lot out of both parties, in terms of their emotional well-being, and it doesn’t always lead to the best long-term solutions on either side.”

“Rather than taking a combative approach to the division of assets or child custody agreements, a collaborative divorce employs a neutral negotiator to help both parties identify their goals and then develop a plan that achieves those goals,” he said. “Furthermore, it puts both parties in the driver’s seat in terms of controlling their future, rather than placing their fate in the hands of a complete stranger who wears a big black robe. It is a divorce solution that leaves your financial assets, family ties and dignity intact,” Cook said.

Even with a somewhat contested case, many elements of collaborative law can be incorporated into a more cooperative process to ease the strain on the parties.

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*David L. Cook is Board-Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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