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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property often is the heart of a business operation. It is the highly valuable element that brings in monetary rewards, recognition and broad success to a business and its owners. Due to the nature of this element, protection of Intellectual Property is often at risk. Other companies and unscrupulous competitors can steal creative concepts, ideas and designs for their own benefit. This deprives the originator and developer of financial rewards and future benefits of their intellectual property.

Texas Creative Work Protection Laws

Sometimes it is difficult to accurately evaluate the benefits of creative works, such as designs, written and artistic works, ideas, copyrights, trademarks, inventions and other creations of the mind. Despite that, the law does offer protection to those who are the creative minds behind these works. The key factor here is that financial gain belongs to the originator of creative works, and others who may hold valid licenses to use and profit from those works.

Intellectual Property Attorney

There are many subtle details involved with protection of creative works. Our Intellectual Property Attorney has in-depth experience with these legal matters and can help you decide what the best course of action to take is with regard to protection of your financial interests in creative works.

Some options for protection of your intellectual property include:

  • Trademark, Trade Secrets, Patent & Copyright
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Contract provisions that detail financial rights and benefits
  • Enforcement, Litigation of violations
  • Internet protection & enforcement of rights


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