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Harris Cook, LLP, 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has tangled with an 18-Wheeler and received bodily injuries, property damage or there was a fatality from that accident, our Harris Cook, LLP, 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney can help. We have extensive experience winning cases for clients who were injured or had a loved one killed in accidents with big rig trucks. Most personal injury cases like these are settled out of court, but when we do appear in front of a judge and jury, we know how to present a winning argument for our clients.

Big Rig Accidents In Texas

There are thousands of miles of roadway in Texas, and the state is a leader in traffic accidents. Big rig accidents in Texas cause millions of dollars in damages and many crashes result in death to drivers and other people. Families (the spouse, children, and parents) of those who die in these accidents can seek compensation for their losses, such as loss of income, loss of companionship and mental anguish. Our 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney knows how to investigate all the details of your accident so you have the best opportunity to win your case and receive maximum awards.

Harris Cook Personal Injury Attorney

Injuries people suffer from accidents that involve large 18-wheeler trucks can be very severe and require long-term care. The Harris Cook Personal Injury Attorney will help you recover fair compensation for a variety of claims, including lost wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation. Some victims are disabled temporarily or permanently, while others die from their injuries. We work with survivors and the victim to get proper financial compensation.

Typical accident claims include the following:

  • Medical Care – hospitalization, surgery, nursing home care
  • Income Loss – temporary or permanent wage losses, future income and inheritance losses
  • Rehabilitation – equipment & care, job retraining
  • Property Damage – due to the accident

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