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Auto Accidents
Texas is noted for its wide open spaces and excellent highway system throughout the state, but just like the rest of the country, auto accidents also happen here frequently. Auto accident causes vary from distracted driving and fatigue to defective equipment; the results are similar, with pain, suffering, income loss, medical expenses and property damage. Some victims pay the ultimate price of losing their life.

Texas Auto Accidents

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2013 there were 3,777 deaths on Texas roadways, with economic losses from all vehicle crashes estimated to be $25.7 Billion dollars. The death rate was 1.40 per million vehicle miles traveled, based on an estimated mileage total of over 240,447 million miles. In 65,539 serious injury crashes that year, almost 90,000 people were injured.

During 2013, a reportable Texas auto accident occurred every 71 seconds. A death occurred once every 2 hours 36 minutes; one injury occurred every 2 minutes 16 seconds. The saddest 2013 statistic is that there were no deathless days on Texas roadways. Major factors contributing to rural accidents were speed and inattention. In cities, additional factors included making unsafe moves, changing lanes when unsafe and running stop lights or stop signs.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Many injured people were able to recover financial compensation for their accident claims by working with our Harris Cook Texas Personal Injury Lawyer. We investigate accident claims thoroughly, have resources for recreating accident scenarios, and we are aggressive in litigation on behalf of our clients. You may recover fair compensation for medical expenses, work loss and other claims, if the negligent behavior of someone else or defective equipment was the cause of your accident. It is always worthwhile to have our lawyer examine your accident injury case.

Get Fair Compensation & Justice

We help you get fair compensation and justice for personal injury caused in vehicular accidents. At Harris Cook, LLP, our Personal Injury Attorneys know how insurance companies operate and how they try to get you to settle for minimum amounts. We stand up for you and your rights, and we are aggressive on your behalf in the courtroom. We also make sure that you will be covered for future expenses that you may be entitled to receive.

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