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Dog Bites And Liability
Dog ownership in Texas requires taking excellent care of the animal, to make sure that it does not harm any other humans. Dog bites are included under Personal Injury laws of this state, and when someone suffers injury from a dog bite, they are allowed to seek fair compensation for damage claims. Medical care, emotional trauma and other claims may be included in a dog bite lawsuit. The attorneys at Harris Cook, LLP, are quite familiar with these laws and represent both plaintiffs and defendants in dog bite cases.Accidents happen, and when they do, victims have specific rights to claim fair compensation for certain expenses, medical treatments and other losses due to that accident. Most people are familiar with vehicle accidents, product defect cases and other widely publicized Personal Injury stories. Dog bites make the nightly news less frequently, but those bites can also result in severe injury or death. Our Harris Cook, LLP, Personal Injury Attorney has helped numerous people find justice and fair compensation after they were bitten by dogs. Dog bites can cause rips, tears, amputations of fingers or toes, physical scarring, emotional trauma and other physical and psychological damage to victims. Under Texas Personal Injury laws, those who have been bitten by dogs or other animals have legal options to consider for recovery of bite-related expenses and other damages.

Texas Dog Bites Attorney

Our Texas Dog Bites Attorney will investigate the accident to determine exactly what happened and who is responsible. In some cases, the victim is partially at fault, but the dog owners are liable for controlling their animal to prevent damage their dog does, including biting. This is especially true if the owner knows that a dog has bitten previously or is vicious. They must keep that animal under control at all times to prevent biting or the owner will be strictly negligent, i.e., legally responsible for the damages without the necessity of finding the owner at fault

Dog Bites & Liability

In Texas, the owner is responsible for control of their dog and prevention of any harm that animal may cause. There are a few exceptions, which our Harris Cook, LLP, Attorney knows about. Victims only have a two year time frame in which to file most claims for dog bite damages; this is an important statute of limitations in the state of Texas that applies in Personal Injury cases. For dog owners, our Harris Cook, LLP, can advise you regarding various defenses which are available in a dog bite lawsuit.

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