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Motorcycle Accidents
Accidents involving motorcycles are on the increase nationwide, due to several factors that are easily understood. You have far less protection on a motorcycle than when you are riding in an enclosed vehicle, so bodily injury or death is more likely to happen in a motorcycle crash. As laws change in an attempt to solve this problem, for many people, change comes too late. At Harris Cook, LLP, our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys have extensive experience helping injured bikers and passengers or survivors of those who have died in motorcycle crashes deal with their Personal Injury accident claims.

Harris Cook, LLP, Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

Depending on the accident circumstances, when you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident, Personal Injury law allows you to pursue fair compensation for accident expenses and other damage claims. When a motorcyclist dies from their accident injuries, the Harris Cook, LLP, Motorcycle Accident Attorneys can also represent the interests and personal injury claims of their survivors.

Today, more people than ever are enjoying the wide open spaces of Texas and other states while riding motorcycles. With this increase in usage, it is no surprise that motorcycle accident numbers are also on the rise, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics. In 2012, 428 motorcycle accident fatalities were recorded in Texas, and thousands of bikers were injured.

The NHTSA has been tracking motorcycle crash statistics for decades, and their numbers clearly show that as ownership and use of motorcycles has increased, so have motorcycle fatalities and injuries. Their 2012 records show a nationwide tally of 4,957 deaths, and 93,000 injuries. The corresponding fatality rate rose 7 percent in a single year from 2011, while the injury rate went up by 15 percent.

Texas Motorcycle Accident Claims

Injury claims related to Texas motorcycle accidents include medical expenses for extensive bodily harm, especially head injuries, and loss of income due to disability. Texas does not have a helmet requirement for riders over the age of 21 who have completed a Texas training program for motorcycle riders, or if the rider has $10,000 in medical insurance coverage specifically for motorcycle accident injuries.

The top causes for motorcycle fatalities and injuries include:

  • Not wearing a helmet
  • Inexperience
  • Speeding


It is important to call us immediately, and only speak with your attorney about the accident and your injuries. Insurance representatives won’t work on your behalf; they just want to settle for minimum amounts, if any. We help you obtain the best possible results, including maximum settlement or court awards, so you can recover financially, as well as physically.

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