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Slip-And-Fall Accidents
It is quite surprising how much physical damage can follow a slip and fall-type accident. At the Harris Cook, LLP, law offices in Texas, we are very active in helping people make a recovery following a “slip and fall”. When a person unexpectedly trips or slips and falls, there can be many problems due to that accident, including broken bones, bruises, twisted joints, or head, neck and spine injuries and, in some cases, a wrongful death. If you or a loved one received injuries in such a manner, it is important to seek legal advice immediately.

Harris Cook, LLP, Personal Injury Attorneys

People from across Texas get advice, counsel and representation from the Harris Cook, LLP, Personal Injury Attorneys to obtain justice following accidental injuries. Many people are harmed in slip and falls, accidents which occur because a property owner was negligent in care of their property. If unsafe conditions like uneven walkways, slippery mats or turned-up corners on rugs cause a person to lose their firm footing and fall, injuries can easily be the result of that negligence.

Building owners need to pay attention to flooring, stairs and other areas that are open to the public, so no one is injured. Private property is not exempt; guests and other invited persons deserve the same care so they are not harmed while using a facility or attending an event. Maintenance of safe grounds requires some foresight about potentially hazardous conditions, making prompt repairs and marking hazards clearly so others are not subject to injury.

Texas Slip And Falls Attorney

For best results, you need a Texas Slip and Falls Attorney who has extensive experience handling cases where clients or their loved ones were injured in a slip, trip or fall accident. At Harris Cook, LLP, our Personal Injury Attorneys have won generous settlements and awards for clients who were injured physically, mentally or emotionally in such accidents. We know how to investigate accident details and evidence, so we can build a winning case. Most cases are settled prior to court, but when necessary, we will wage an aggressive battle in court for our clients.

Personal Injury Accident Claims

Under Personal Injury law, a person who is injured can seek fair compensation for a variety of claims, including medical expenses and income losses due to temporary or permanent disability due to their slip and fall accident. These accidents happen everywhere, in a store or other building, on private or public property, on walkways, driveways or on roadways.

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