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Wrongful Death
According to statistics compiled by the CDC, unintentional injuries are the fourth highest cause of death nationwide. Over 130,000 persons die from accidental injuries each year; most occur from vehicle accidents. Texas addresses civil liability for this problem in  Chapter 71 of the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code. If a loved one suffers wrongful death from an accident caused by negligence, the surviving spouse, children, and parents of the deceased can pursue compensation for their loss claims from the person(s) or companies liable for the accidental death. Harris Cook, LLP, Wrongful Death Attorney An accident that results in a death has far-reaching effects upon the victim’s survivors. At Harris Cook, LLP, our Wrongful Death Attorney can help you get justice and fair compensation for accident claims under Texas law. Claims in Texas must be filed within two years of the death date; it is important to meet this requirement.We have helped many survivors and their families get past the impact that a wrongful death places upon them. We dig deep into the accident evidence, interview witnesses, and we determine all potentially responsible parties to help survivors get the monetary rewards they deserve.

Wrongful Death Accident Claims

What type of wrongful death accident claims can be filed? Surviving spouses, minor children, adult children, adoptive children and parents may file wrongful death claims. Unfortunately, in Texas, siblings are not eligible to file claims if their brother or sister suffered a wrongful death.  If the deceased lived for any time after the accident, the estate representative may make what is called a “survival claim”, which would include damages for the medical expenses, pain and suffering endured by the deceased prior to their death.

Our Harris Cook Personal Injury Attorney will file for compensation for any of a number of claims, including:

      • Medical Expenses – emergency, hospital, doctors/nurses, surgical bills
      • Funeral & Burial Costs
      • Losses to the Survivors – income, society and companionship, future inheritance


In some cases where the negligence was willful, a jury may also award higher, punitive damages.

Harris Cook, LLP, Personal Injury Attorney

Finding the responsible party or parties is an important part of your wrongful death claim. Our Harris Cook, LLP, Personal Injury Attorney has many resources to use to achieve this, including private investigators. Under Texas law, it must be proven that a responsible party or multiple parties caused the death of another person because of their own wrongful act, carelessness, lack of skill, default or neglect.

A distracted or fatigued driver can cause an accident in a fraction of a second. Likewise, if a manufacturing facility is neglectful in production of a safety product, it also could result in death of a user. There are many possibilities that our experienced team will investigate aggressively to support your case.

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