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What is Personal Injury?

By: Rachel Wright July 8, 2020 no comments

What is Personal Injury?

Understanding Personal Injury

Personal Injury is what happens to a person when they suffer a bodily injury. Personal Injury can include when a person is hurt in a car wreck or a case involving medical malpractice. It could be someone slipping on a wet substance at a grocery store. Personal Injury can also include any kind of product defect. For example, if somebody is injured because a product was not manufactured correctly.

The first thing we encourage people to do is reach out to an attorney. We do free initial consultations at Harris Cook.

What to Expect When Working With the Attorneys at Harris Cook?

There are two phases: pre-litigation and litigation. Litigation is when you file a lawsuit. Pre-litigation is when we are trying to do everything we can to resolve the claim without having to file a lawsuit. The vast majority of our Personal Injury cases settle before a lawsuit ever has to get filed.

We work with our clients and make sure they get the treatment they need. The hope is that once they have had proper treatment, they are fully recovered or they are as recovered as can be given the circumstances. We then gather those bills and prepare a demand to send out on the client’s behalf in order to make a claim for damages. Hopefully, we are able to negotiate a claim and settlement that is satisfactory to our client. However, our Personal Injury team is equipped and prepared to take a case all the way to the courthouse if the settlement is less than satisfactory.

What Does Harris Cook Do for Clients?

Once a client is working with us, then the hassle of going back and forth with the insurance company goes away. We like to take that on for our clients. We are going to help them develop their claim and negotiate on their behalf. Also, when possible, we will work with their medical providers to see if we can get a reduction on their medical bills in order to maximize the recovery that they have.

Attorney Rachel L. Wright has conducted more than thirty Personal Injury jury trials and has conducted hundreds of depositions on behalf of her clients. If you or a loved one has been injured in a recent accident, contact the law firm of Harris Cook, LLP today to get the legal representation you deserve.