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Why I Practice Personal Injury Law

By: Rachel Wright October 22, 2019 no comments

Why I Practice Personal Injury Law

There are several facets of law that an attorney may decide to pursue. Personal injury was the area that spoke to me from the beginning, and the one that I am still passionate about.

Rachel Wright Personal Injury Law

Here are 3 reasons why I have chosen to focus much of my practice on personal injury.

1. The “David and Goliath” Element

Simply put, I love helping “the little guy.” By fighting for my clients, I know they stand a better chance of getting a fair result than they would if they tried to stand up against the insurance companies on their own.

2. Advocating for the Client

Many times, personal injury cases stem from our client’s most traumatic life event. They can’t or don’t know how to fight for themselves. I’ve learned that working with these type of clients was what I wanted to do when I was in law school. Negotiating the complex and intimidating obstacles that are stacked against a personal injury plaintiff is key to them being awarded the settlement they deserve. As our client’s advocate I understand the system and how to use the rules to affect the outcome in my client’s favor. It is one of the main reasons that I focus my practice on personal injury.

3. Making A Difference

Clients with personal injury cases may be in bad shape physically, emotionally, and financially. It’s tremendously satisfying to assist them through the process and watch them come out on the other side stronger and better prepared to live their best life. Whether it’s working with an insurance company to maximize the value of the claim or working with their medical providers to reduce their bill, every one of my clients benefit from having a personal injury attorney involved. There are sometimes huge differences in the initial offer and what the client ends up being awarded, which make a big impact on the quality of their life going forward.

Personal injury law has always been and remains the most interesting aspect of law to me. I try to put this passion into every one of my personal injury cases in order to make a positive difference for my clients.

If you have been injured in an automobile or other type accident, talk to an experienced Tarrant County Personal Injury Attorney.  Call Rachel Wright at Harris Cook Law  817.275.8765

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